Puppy Toys: Best Chew Toys for Teething Puppies Review

The joy of bringing a puppy home is incomparable. However, these cute little creatures have an overwhelming urge to chew anything that their mouth can grab.

It is their way to learn and explore the world around them. And it is entirely natural too. But have you ever seen this chewing go overdrive when they are teething?

Yes, puppies go through a teething phase just like human babies. And again it is entirely natural. When teething begins, they experience sore, inflamed gums, and pain.

And to get some relief from the pain, they want to chew and chew. Anything that they spot can get straight into their mouth. Chewing helps in soothing the pain to some extent.

But it can be heartbreaking for puppy parents to see their cute little puppies destroy the furniture, shoes, and everything around the house.

As puppy owners, you have to try and divert their attention and direct them to appropriate toys. And for this, you need to pick the best toy for your puppy. Scroll down and have a look at the best puppy toy reviews.

Top 5 Puppy Toy Review


This puppy playset from Aipper contains 12 different colorful toys. It can keep your little furry pup entertained for hours together and also provide him with a good exercise.

The toys are ideal for teething puppies as it helps to massage the gums and relieve stress. The toys can keep him busy and correct bad biting behavior too. The set also contains a feeding ball which is easy to fill and


Made with high quality and non-toxic material, it is entirely safe for your dog. The 12 different toys aid your pup’s development in many different ways.

5 of 5 Stars

If you are looking for a multipurpose toy set for your puppy, then this is an all-in-one toy. The 8 piece toy set not only soothes the teething pain but also is a good play companion too.

The toy contains ridged chew toys which support your pup’s teeth and gums. Along with teething toys, the set also includes dog ball, dog rings, and ropes to make playtime a fun filled one.

The colorful toys also contain cleaning toys to keep your puppy’s teeth clean and plaque free.

4.5 of 5 Stars

This 6 piece dog toy is a beautiful gift for your little pup. It is made of cotton and fiber, making it safe for your puppy. It is a perfect toy for small dogs.

It helps to keep them entertained while allowing them to chew. The teething toy also helps to keep the teeth clean and healthy.

The 6 colorful toys look attractive and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor plays. The toy set contains 1 stuffed zebra, 1 stuffed donut, 1 stuffed cactus, 1 rope ball, and 2 rope toys.

The knotted ropes are dog’s favorite thing to chew, as it relieves some pressure on the teeth. You can also use the rope toy for a game of fetch or tug of war with your furry friend.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Made with 100% durable rubber this interactive dog toy is one of the best toys for your little puppy. It is a play toy with many benefits attached to it. The toy is easy to clean and safe to chew.

And the best feature of this toy is that you can fill it with your dog’s favorite food. The food  will spill out while he plays, thus promoting healthy and active feeding.

The ball is fun to play with and is the right way of physical exercise. At the same time, it also helps to develop mental alertness. The toy also cleanses your dog’s teeth if he already has some.

4.5 of 5 Stars

The Kong toy is customized for the growing puppy teeth. It is made with the most gentle all rubber formula for your little puppy.

The toy is designed especially for your puppy’s teeth and to teach them correct chewing behavior. This toy is an ideal one for puppy’s who want to jump around and play, as the ball has an erratic bounce feature too.

You can also pack the Kong toy with your puppy’s favorite snack. This will help in making food time an enjoyable session for your teething baby.

The Kong toy is very tough and is an ideal choice for aggressive chewers. It is safe enough and can be left with the pup without supervision too.

4 of 5 Stars


Dog teeth toys can be a great relief for your little pup in times of pain. It can soothe their inflamed gums and make teething a little less painful.

We have reviewed the top 5 dog toys for your little friend. But, our top pick is the Aipper Puppy toys set. This toy is the ideal one for your puppy as it fulfills many purposes.

The set of toys contains IQ treat ball, flyer toys, rope toys, a rubber bounce ball squeaky toys, etc. While chewing toys help the puppy with teething pain, the ropes and flyer toys make playtime an enjoyable experience for him.

The toys aid in cleaning puppy teeth and massage the gums too. It is an all in one puppy toy set which can be every puppy parent’s best friend. It is 100% safe and comes in attractive colors.


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