Review: Pawscout – Is it the Best Low-Cost Pet Tracker ID Tag?

What do you do when a friendly dog runs up to you? After a few pats, you may go looking for the owner, only to find them nowhere. The first thing that comes to mind is to check the collar for a name or address, but there is none. As you wait for the owner to arrive or, worse, dial the animal shelter's number, you are overcome with a sense of helplessness. 

Every year, approximately 10 million pets go missing. Fortunately, this whole ordeal can now be avoided with pet trackers. 

Such devices can be extremely useful when our furry friends go missing (remember those "lost pet" posters pinned to a tree or telephone pole?) Pet trackers are very effective in locating and recovering lost animals and preventing them from straying too far in the first place. Thanks to pet trackers, you no longer have to rely on the remote possibility that someone will respond to your lost pet poster.

You may have noticed a recent influx of new pet tracker devices on the market. Some are generic devices, while others are designed specifically for pets. Most use Bluetooth, while others rely on GPS. And, with so many products to choose from on Amazon, it isn't easy to know which one will work best for your pet.

Pawscout smart pet tag is a Bluetooth pet tracker developed by Pawscout, Inc., a company based in the United States that was founded in 2015. It's cheap, simple to use, and has a more extended communication range than most Bluetooth pet trackers. If your pet goes missing, other Paw Scouters who come across it will identify it, gather information on possible medical conditions, and hopefully contact you.

This article will discuss the importance of pet trackers in detail before reviewing Pawscout's pet tracker and comparing its features and pricing to other top competitor brands such as TileWhistle, and FitBark. Let's get started! Let’s dive in!

First off: Why do you need an ID tracker?

Pet trackers have become extremely common amongst pet owners, and for a good reason! Here’s why pets need trackers: 

1. To prevent pets from getting permanently lost

After a while, pets become like family members, and losing them can cause a highly overwhelming sense of anguish. Pets, like small children, are prone to wandering off and becoming lost along the way. Many of them have difficulty returning to their owners, and locating them can be a difficult task.

While some pets can be found using the traditional scouting method – complete with “missing dog/cat” posters – many do not make it back home.

As a result, many owners choose to secure their pets with special pet tracker ID tags, such as Pawscout and Tile. These smart tags enable owners to keep a constant eye on their pets, preventing them from wandering too far.

2. Finding a missing pet

Pet trackers can also be useful if a pet wanders beyond the range of the device. Smart pet tags connect (via Bluetooth) to the mobile phone apps of their respective companies. When a pet goes missing, these apps can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the cat or dog.

These tags act as an invisible leash, guiding owners back to their pets. Some pet trackers, on the other hand, only work within a specific range. So, if the pet has strayed outside of this range, relocating them can be difficult.

Even if a cat or dog has gone outside the range, pet trackers can help point in the right direction, giving owners a head start on the scouting process.

3. Keeping tabs on pet activity and health 

Smartphone-controlled trackers can be used to monitor the pet's daily activities in addition to tracking down a lost animal. Because all of their movements will be tracked by the app, one can easily understand how many hours their pet spends sleeping in one location, for example, or how frequently they visit the food bowl in a day.

Insight into such behavior patterns can help you better understand your pet while also monitoring their health. For example, by counting the number of times a cat or dog visits their water bowl, you can determine whether or not they are properly hydrated. This is especially useful because pets cannot communicate, so observing their behavior is the only way to learn important information about them.

What is Pawscout?

Source: Pawscout

Pawscout is a community pet tracker that advertises itself as "the smarter pet tag." It's a Bluetooth-enabled pet ID tag that works in tandem with the Pawscout App, allowing all pet owners to find nearby groomers, parks, and other pet-friendly locations, create detailed pet profiles, and enlist the help of the Pawscout community to find lost pets. You can also use the app to track walks, set up an outdoor virtual pet leash, create digital lost pet flyers for any lost pet you find.

According to the company, when most pets are let out, they do not wander too far away at first. That is why Pawscout's mission is to empower you to rally your local community to assist you in tracking down your pet. Since its inception, the company claims to have aided in the rescue of over 14,500 pets.

Comparing pet tracker tags: Pawscout vs Tile vs Whistle vs FitBark

There are countless excellent pet tracker options available. A detailed comparison chart is provided below to assist pet owners in selecting the product that is best suited to their budget and needs.

Best Pet Trackers: Pawscout vs Tile vs Whistle vs FitBark








300 ft. supported by Bluetooth

300 ft. supported by Bluetooth

Virtually unlimited as long as AT&T cellular coverage is present.

Virtually unlimited as long as Verizon cellular coverage is present.

Charging type

CR2032 replaceable  battery

CR2032 replaceable  battery

USB charging

USB charging

Battery life

6 to 12 months

12 months

20-30 days

10-20 days






Add multiple pets?

Activity tracking?

Compatible devices

  • iOS 

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Alexa

  • Google Assistant

  • iOS

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Android 

  • Apple Watch

  • Google Fit

Return policy

30-day refund policy

30-day refund policy

90-day refund policy

30 day refund policy and 1-year warranty


Review of PawScout

Source: Pawscout

How does Pawscout’s pet tracker ID tag work?

Pawscout is a small pet tag that can be attached to almost any collar. It comes with a dedicated smartphone app that is free to download. The tag communicates with your smartphone and other nearby smartphones via the Pawscout app by emitting a low-energy Bluetooth radio signal.

To begin using Pawscout, you must first download the app from the Android or iOS app stores. Then you create a new account or connect with your Facebook account and enable the app's Bluetooth settings.

The app also allows you to enter any medical conditions or medications your pet is currently taking. This is designed to allow rescuers to properly care for your pet until you arrive to pick them up.

The app prompts you to pair it with your tag. As soon as you pair the app, it tells you how far your pet is from you, and your Pawscout is ready to use! A green circle will appear around your location on the Pawscout app's interactive map if your pet is within range.

Because the app is free and does not require the use of a Pawscout tag, you can request that family members and friends download it so that they can keep an eye on your pet as well.

Source: Pawscout

What are PawScout’s ID tag designs and features?

The Pawscout tracker is a small, light, round tag with a nameplate. The nameplate is normally black, but you can choose from a selection of approximately two dozen beautifully designed custom nameplates available in the Pawscout online store.

The Pawscout tracker is specifically designed for cats and dogs and measures 1.6 x 2.0 x 0.4 inches (4 x 5 x 1 cm). It is small enough to fit around the pet's neck without restricting movement or weighing them down. This device is designed for pets weighing 10 pounds or more.

Its small, convenient size puts it on par with competitors like Tile, Whistle, and FitBark, all of which are roughly the same size. Furthermore, the PawScout tag can be easily clipped onto virtually any pet collar, so pet owners won't have to buy a new collar or change the one they're already using just to add a tracking device.

The Pawscout tag is water-resistant. It can withstand a 30-minute submersion in water up to 3 feet deep. This means it can continue to function even if it is exposed to rain or light splashes, and it may not be damaged if your pet goes for a short swim.

This is typical of most tracker devices, though. When judging PawScout vs. Tile, we can see that both devices offer the same level of waterproof capacities (IP55). The Whistle's IPX7 waterproof specification allows it to be submerged in 1 meter (3.3 feet) of static water for up to 30 minutes.

Pawscout is powered by a CR2032 battery that lasts 6 to 12 months. The battery is replaceable and reasonably priced.

The device has a range of approximately 300 feet in all directions, limiting its communication range to a 600-foot radius. And the device has an accuracy of 50 to 100 feet. Its range is quite impressive when compared to other Bluetooth pet trackers.

How much does Pawscout pet tracker ID tag cost?

Source: Pawscout

One of the best aspects of Pawscout is its low price point. For only $19.99, you can get a fantastic Bluetooth pet tracker with free, unlimited access to its smartphone app. In addition, if you purchase the tag and custom nameplate bundle ($25), you can personalize the ID tag with your address, phone number, and contact information.

In comparison, Whistle charges an app subscription fee in addition to charging close to $100 for the device itself.

Pawscout unboxing: What’s in the box?

Upon ordering the Pawscout device, users will receive the following:

  • The PawScout pet tracker ID device

  • Additional attachment clips etc. 

  • Extra batteries (2)

  • An instruction manual

All of these come packed in an aesthetically pleasing box. Users can order a custom metal tag engraved with their pet’s name or details. However, orders for this must be placed separately, which prolongs the ordering process a little. 

The batteries included within this pack should last up to 6 months. Their replacements are readily available, too.

Review of Pawscout's pet tracker app

Source: Pawscout

Coverage map and community pet tracking

The Pawscout smartphone app differs from many other pet tracker apps in that it is not just for Pawscout tag owners. Anyone who wants to join the Pawscout community can do so by downloading and installing the app for free and assisting in recovering lost pets. 

Owners can create a profile for their pet on the app after purchasing the tracker. The profile lists essential details like their pet’s name and contact information. It also asks for the breed, sex, size, weight, color(s), and date of birth. 

The smartphone app then connects PawScout users in the area with the pets of other owners. This allows them to detect all pets in the area who are wearing this tracker. Users appear as blue blotches on the map, allowing you to gauge the density of your local Pawscout community.

Pawscout users who have lost their pet and are unable to locate them within their own device's Bluetooth range can always seek community assistance through the Pawscout smartphone app and send an alert to nearby users using the "Report Lost" feature, asking them to help.

The community support feature provides an added layer of safety to the Pawscout tracking system, which is why many users prefer using this product over competitor products. 

Returning to the Bluetooth feature, the Pawscout device cannot be detected more than 300 feet away from the smartphone to which it is connected. Of course, things are a little different for devices like Whistle and FitBark, which both can track via selected cell phone carrier networks, WiFi, and a hotspot.

Whistle and FitBark tracking tags can be detected even beyond the standard 300-foot range offered by Bluetooth-based trackers like Pawscout and Tile, which is why the former two devices are more expensive than the latter. Still, suppose a pet owner intends to use the Pawscout tag in an area with many other Pawscout users. In that case, they can always reach out to the device's smartphone app's community to find their lost furry friend, which compensates for the lack of cellular and WiFi connectivity.

Source: Pawscout

Invisible fence

Moving on, another excellent feature offered by the PawScout app is the ability to set up a kind of “invisible fence” for pets. This means that users can pre-program a fixed range within which their pet is allowed to move. If their pet crosses this border, their owners will receive an alert on their smartphones. This helps reduce the chances of the pet wandering beyond its limits and getting lost.

Virtual leash

In terms of geofencing, Pawscout also offers the Virtual Leash feature, which allows you to create a safe zone around your location, the boundaries of which correspond to the device's maximum communication range (300 feet in all directions). The Virtual Leash is centered in your position and moves in lockstep with you. The Virtual Leash feature is handy if you're taking your pet for a walk or spending time outside where your pet can run and play.

Tracking Walks

You can use Pawscout to keep track of your pet's daily walks. Basic stats, such as distance walked and time spent walking, are available at all times. You can even zoom and scan the area around you from the main map, and the app will give you a Safety Rating for the area currently in your field of view as you do so.

Medical records

You can also include your pet's behavior, habits, and medical records, such as vaccination information, other than your pet's name, photos, and contact information.

Points of interest

Pawscout offers a useful map that allows you to view and share locations that are relevant to pet guardians. The app can also find veterinarians, shelters, groomers, parks, pet-friendly stores and restaurants, and other local attractions. 

If all of these features aren't enough to persuade you of Pawscout's credibility, consider some of the customer reviews.

Pawscout Reviews: What are customers saying?

The majority of customers adore their Pawscout. According to Pawscout reviews, this product works well for dogs and cats that don't stray too far from your own yard. Some people complain that the tracking isn't as precise as it should be. The majority of customers wish the tracking range were longer; perhaps Pawscout will address this in the future.

Most customers adore the Pawscout community, which is unsurprising given that it is the only company that provides such a service. Users also praised PawScout's free app service, which is a massive plus for those looking for a low-cost product!

The Verdict: Is Pawscout the best pet tracker device?

After reviewing the PawScout pet tracker ID tag, it’s time to announce the final verdict!

Pawscout is a Bluetooth pet tracker with a long battery life and a wide communication range, despite being based on Bluetooth technology. It also includes several useful features that you won't find in other pet trackers, such as pet-related points and a virtual leash.

Although the reliance on Bluetooth connection limits some functionality, such as inconsistent accuracy, it is unquestionably one of the best Bluetooth pet trackers on the market right now. You should definitely consider this tracker if you live in an area with a strong Pawscout community.

Furthermore, the medical information you can share about your dog could save their life if necessary (hopefully not).

Pawscout is ideal for those on a tight budget who do not want to invest in an expensive device and become locked into a monthly fee for an app subscription. It provides excellent community support for lost pets and a remarkable customer support network for faulty devices. So, by joining the PawScout bandwagon, pet owners can rest assured that they will never be without assistance, no matter what the problem is.

However, it should be noted that the PawScout application’s community network is strongest within the US and Canada, which is why pet owners in other parts of the world might consider looking for a different device that offers better support within their region. 

Which pet tracking device is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.