Review: Finn Supplements for Dogs

In this article, we’ll review dog vitamins offered by Finn, a new pet-focused supplement company. Special thanks to Finn for sending us vitamins to sample at no cost for us to review. Full disclosure: as a reader supported site, we may make a commission if you click one of our links and make a purchase.

Everybody knows that pet owners are passionate about their fur babies. We bring home our new baby, young or old, and get every pet product that we think we could need; leashes, bowls, toys, food, treats, and beds -but let’s face it, those cuties always try to sneak into our bed. As we begin to care for this new family member we choose the best dog food; thinking that this has all of our bases covered in terms of nutrition for our dogs to promote a long healthy life. But, while might give our human children a vitamin to ensure that they are meeting their daily nutrient requirements, we often don’t think about starting our new fur babies on a dog vitamin for preventative health and to keep their bodies happy and healthy.

A new doggy supplement brand called Finn does just that! They offer four science and nutritionally backed vitamins for your pet, based on your animal’s specific needs. With four safe and natural vitamin options (Calming Aid, Multivitamin, Hip & Joint, and Skin & Coat), Finn is there for you and your pet to keep them happy and healthy.

What Do My Dogs Ollie And Blast Think of the Finn Pet Supplements?

If these pictures don’t speak to their love of Finn supplements, I don’t know what will! We almost had a snafu with the dogs getting into the Finn vitamins when they were delivered - because to them, they smelled too good to wait for. In case you are wondering, to human noses, they smell like Salmon Oil, which isn't my cup of tea, but I take as a sign that the ingredients are high quality.

I was so excited to try these because we have spent so much money at the specialist for Ollie’s atopic dermatitis. We have tried salmon oil before but the oil alone gets so messy and the capsules of other brands are a huge pain to get Ollie to eat. It was perfect timing getting these for Ollie because he was in the middle of a breakout under his “arm,” and his energy had been low the last week. And when he has a breakout, he tends to obsessively licked himself, which worries me. After about a week I started noticing a difference in Ollie’s mood and a slight decrease in the amount of licking he was doing which is a huge win.

Blast happily started on the Hip & Joint supplements without missing a beat. I decided to start blast on Hip & Joint for preventative health reasons because he is pretty hard on his body, jumping, and running. This crazy dog jumps baby gates EVERY day when he hears the mail lady. With Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the Finn Hip & Joint supplement, I hope that Blast’s joints are getting an extra dose of protection against inflammation and joint tissue damage. 

Meet My Minnie Aussie- Blast & Terrier Mix- Ollie.

Ollie was the first fur baby that we added to our family back in 2014 from our local animal shelter. He is a terrier mix (my guess the mix part is Maltipoo) and he stole our hearts on a rainy December night. Ollie has suffered a plethora of skin issues from atopic dermatitis to hot spots on his stomach and paws, which we spent $600 on specialist visits for. It blows my mind that I never thought to put him on a vitamin instead of spending loads of money at a specialist. (That’s a story for another day).

Blast is the one-eyed mini Australian shepherd that we adopted as a foster fail in 2015. Blast carries many titles; professional fence jumper, trouble maker, garbage disposal, and pirate. Blast lost his eye a little over a year ago after scratching it and developing an infection that took his sight overnight. With Blast’s mischief, my husband and I realized that we need to always be three steps ahead of him -- which is exactly why we decided to start Blast on Hip & Joint by Finn.

Unboxing Video: See for your yourself how my dogs respond to  Finn's Supplements

Why Finn Supplements?

Great question reader, and as a dog mom, I asked myself the same thing! You may have found this article an hour into your, “best dog vitamin for ____” Google search and I have good news… Your search is up. I’ve researched for you and Finn is the best doggy vitamin brand on the market. When looking at supplements for myself or my pet, here are a few rules I follow: 

How to pick the best supplements for your dog

1. Can I pronounce all of the ingredients?

Yes! Finn’s ingredients are things you’d find is high-quality, people vitamins. For example, Finn’s Hip & Joint supplement lists Glucosamine (which anyone who’s had knee problems would know of), Organic Turmeric, Natural Beef Liver (ok, that last one probably isn’t in any people vitamins, but you get the point).

2. Is their product and packaging eco friendly?

Yes - I really like the recyclable packaging.

3. Does my purchase have a positive impact

Yes! Finn donates a portion of their sales to animal shelters to help pups in need.

4. Is this supplement cost-effective?

Yes! Only, the supplements I picked out for my pets are about 22 cents a day for dogs 1-25 lbs. Plus, having the dog vitamins shipped on a regular cadence from Finn makes managing their health so easy and painless -- and saves you money. 

Grand Slam!

Reviewing Finn vs alternative dog supplements

Finn’s obviously not the only dog supplement brand out there. If you review some of the most important attributes that you’d look for in a vitamin for your pup, I think you’ll find that they are one of the most interesting brands out there right now. 


Finn vs Novana Blue Vs Nutri Vet: What's the Best Dog Vitamin?


(I have tried)

Novana Blue

(I have tried)

Nutri Vet

(I have not tried)

Ingredient Quality

Top of the line.

I’d rate them a B+


Eco & Socially responsible?

Yes, recyclable packaging & gives back

No social component but packaging is recyclable

No social component but packaging is recyclable


$0.22 cents per day

$0.33 cents per day

$0.27 cents per day

Easy for pet to eat?



30% (based on reviews I read)


What's inside Finn Supplements for Dogs?

Finn Supplement Ingredients

Healthy Skin

Powerful Omega-3s help support skin health and comfort.

Shiny Coat

Zinc complements the skin-supporting Omega-3’s by assisting in skin hydration maintenance.

Shedding Support

Biotin promotes stronger hair structure and fights against hair loss.

Cellular Health

Vitamins C & E protect skin cells against harmful free radicals.

HealthyJoint Mobility

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM work together to help maintain an active lifestyle and nourish joint tissue.

Connective Tissue Support

Organic Turmeric helps the normal repair of connective tissue like cartilage and maintains cushion between the joints.

Strong Bones

Green Lipped Mussels are known for their Omega-3 fatty acids that mediate inflammatory responses and help build strong bones.

Comfort & Flexibility

Yucca’s natural actions on inflammation responses help reduce occasional joint stiffness and soreness.

Eco Friendly & Subscription-Based Doggie Vitamins

With eco-friendly packaging, I know that the environmental impact that my purchase is having is very low since all of the packaging is recyclable except for the small plastic seal on the metal tin.

As a busy mom to a 3-year-old and 6 month old (human kids that is!) and two active dogs, I know that I can drop the ball with keeping track of vitamins. I usually give Ollie and Blast their vitamins in the morning with their food and I know that having a subscription set up takes one thing off of my plate.

Committed To Making a Difference

Another thing that I liked when I reviewed Finn’s offering is that they give back to animals in need, they team up with animal rescue shelters and donate products and portions of their sales to helping pups in need. Finn Vitamins make sure that all dogs get access to the same quality food, shelter, and wellness.

Finn’s Safety and Quality 

Finn takes the safety and quality of their dog supplements very seriously. If you review Finn’s commitment to best practices for manufacturing, ingredient sourcing, testing their products and tracking their products once they leave the factory, you’ll be impressed too.

Every batch of Finn soft chews is lab-tested prior to leaving the manufacturing facility, and each has a unique code that tracks ingredient supplier, manufacturing shift, testing, and processing. I don’t believe that you will never have to worry about Finn cutting corners in quality checking or ingredients, Finn puts the health and safety of your pet first!

Finn manufactures their soft chews in a US-based, current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility that is FDA-registered and certified with the National Animal Supplements Council (NASC). Finn sources the high quality ingredients, and partners with suppliers who live up to their standards of testing, safety, and quality.

Don’t dogs get all the necessary nutrients from their food?

This question is complicated because I don’t know your dog's age, weight, breed and health along with what food that you have them on. Finn’s goal is to fill the gaps that are traditionally missed in dog food especially if your dog has skin, anxiety, or hip and joint issues. Dod food is generally a one-size-fits-all and may leave out some major ingredients that will raise their cost or decrease their shelf life. Plus, if your pup is having particular issues like joint pain or skin issues, your vet may recommend a supplement like Finn.

How can I get my dog to eat these daily?

I really don’t think that there is any way you will have issues getting your dog to eat these! When the package arrived, my dogs immediately went to the box and started sniffing and tried to rip the box open. They really seem to love them (although, as I mentioned earlier, one of my pup’s part time jobs is “garbage disposal” so… ) I personally put one vitamin chew on top of my dog's food in the mornings to make it part of my habit so that I don’t forget. It’s how I’m making Finn’s supplements part of my daily doggie rituals. 

Do I need a subscription for Finn?

You do not need a subscription to use Finn, but I do recommend it. I started with a subscription because I knew that if it didn’t work out for my pups, I could cancel at any time. Subscription frequency depends on the weight of your dog, since the more that they weigh, the higher the dose of nutrients they'll need.

The Verdict: Your pup will love Finn supplements as much as I do!

Finn hits all of the marks in my book on cost, quality, environmental and social impact and most importantly the positive impact Finn has on my dogs health! I am excited to be moving in a healthy direction with Ollie’s skin issues and using preventative measures for Blast’s joints and bones. It is important that as a pet owner we take responsibility for giving our pets all that we can offer to support a long, happy and healthy life. If you are wanting to elevate your dog's health and happiness just like me, head on over to their site to get your first delivery of Finn straight to your door!