Review: Dinovite— Is it the Best Supplement for Dogs?

Gone are the days when dog parents had to crush, grind, or blend dozens of concoctions to keep their dogs healthy. Also, gone are the days when organic, nutritious natural foods were readily available and affordable. Now, it's challenging to feed your own kids healthy meat, fruits, or veggies, let alone canines!

Nowadays, most dog diets consist of kibbles and pastes and soft chews. These come categorized according to a dog's breed, size, and age. However, no dog diet can complete all the nutritional requirements for dogs. 

So, natural meals are a luxury and are hard to prepare. Kibbles and paste foods are a suitable alternative, but they aren't as filling as dog food needs to be. 

Is there any way around this problem? There sure is: Dinovite!

But is Dinovite the only dog food supplement out there? Of course not! There are supplement brands such as Wuffes, Front of the Pack, Ultimate Pet Nutrition, and Finn. So why choose Dinovite? They're all supplements, right? 

Sure, Dinovite is one of the many dog supplements that serve the same purpose. But it's different in its own way. Its ingredients, administration, benefits, efficacy, and possible drawbacks are vastly different from other supplement brands. 

Right now, prep up to dive into the world of Dinovite. We'll explain if, why, and when your dog needs a supplement, how Dinovite is distinguished from other supplements, and whether it's really worth adding to your dog's diet. 


Let's begin!

Why Do Dogs Need Supplements?

Dogs need supplements for the same reason as humans: to make up for deficiencies, to become proactive, to help with medications, and to build immunity and strength. This is the general idea for humans, right?

It's more or less the same for dogs. But wait, dogs aren't humans! Their anatomy is way different from ours. So how do the two relate?

Usually, dog supplements aren't essential if you're already giving your dog a complete and filling diet with all the proteins, vitamins, carbs, and fibers. The primary purpose of dog diet supplements is to enhance their dietary intake. But why? 


  • Dog Foods Aren't an All-Rounder

Even the most expensive and highly sold brands of dog foods do not completely provide all the macro and micronutrients that dogs need to live a healthy life, especially when they're puppies and seniors. 

True, some products have a remarkable impact on your dog's health, but they cannot make up for any deficiencies in your dog's body. Whether you feed your dog through kibbles or paste or any other method, dog food is made to provide the required energy levels. If there's anything that they can't make up for, that is provided by dog supplements.

  • Proactive Lifestyle

Dogs these days are our companions for all kinds of work. They're in the army, in old homes, houses, security companies, rehab programs, etc. Since they lead such an active lifestyle, it makes sense for dogs to have an additional source of health and energy to help them stay proactive whenever needed.

  • Supplements Build Immunity

Dog supplements can also act as a prevention against several sicknesses and diseases, from itchiness, shedding, yeast infections, inflammation, indigestion, and even heart and nerve issues. These can provide their body with essential nutrients that will help in strengthening their immune system. Therefore, you can avoid medications as well as operational procedures in many cases.

  • Bone and Joint Strength

Another reason why dog supplements are popular is that they help keep the dog's bones healthy, strong, and functional. These work exceptionally well for senior dogs, whose bones keep straining under pressure from daily activities. Supplements can provide bones with essential minerals and vitamins so that even at an old age, your dog doesn't become sleazy or cranky or frequently get sick!

Note: Supplements may sound pretty charming, but they need to be administered carefully. Even if dog parents personally feel like their dog could use a bottle or two of soft chews, supplement drops, or powdered supplement, it's best to consult a vet before making a decision.

Comparing Doggy Supplements: Dinovite vs. Front of the Pack vs. Wuffes vs. Ultimate Pet vs. Finn



Dinovite vs. Front of the Pack

Dinovite vs. Wuffes

Dinovite vs. Ultimate Pet

Dinovite vs. Finn

Type of Supplement

Powdered, soft paste, oil, gel caps


Soft chews and CBD oil

Freeze-dried kibbles

Soft chews

Main Ingredients

EPA, DHA, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, B complex, crude fat, crude protein, zinc, fiber, vitamin E, microorganisms

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Curcumin, MSM, prebiotic, Krill, ashwagandha, L-theanine, green tea extract, magnolia bar extract, postbiotic, taurine, collagen peptide, L-carnitine

Vitamins (B1, B6, B5, B12, A, E, C, D3),  Zinc, Folic Acid, Choline, Biotin, Iron, Copper, Manganese

Amino acids, proteins, minerals, fibers, vitamins, antioxidants

Omega 3, Wild Alaskan salmon oil, Vitamin C, E, Biotin, Zinc gluconate, EPA, DHA

Review: Dinovite vitamin supplements for dogs

Source: Dinovite

Dinovite manufactures food and nutrition supplements for animals. Dinovite, founded in 2000 by Ed and Cindy Lukacevic, has produced remarkable supplements not just for dogs but also for cats and horses.

Dinovite is one of the most popular dog food supplement brands right now, evidenced by the numerous favorable Dinovite reviews. After six years of production on the Lukacevic family farm in Kentucky, the brand has moved to a 52,000-square-kilometer-large manufacturing complex.

What does this rapid expansion imply? For one thing, it demonstrates that Dinovite is extremely popular among canine parents. Its tried-and-true pet diet solutions have proven to be effective. Dinovite was also able to broaden its product line to meet the needs of various pet owners as a result of this.

The complete line of Dinovite supplements for dogs offers dog parents a variety of diet options for their canine companions. Unlike most other brands, Dinovite allows you to completely customize the type of nutrients you can provide to your dog.

What issues does Dinovite’s supplements resolve?

Dinovite promises to help in the resolution of frequent concerns such as:

  • Shedding excessively

  • Skin that is flaky and/or dry

  • Various stomach problems

  • Infections caused by yeast

All of these symptoms may indicate a malfunctioning immune system. Dinovite states that if your pet has a condition that causes it to "itch, scratch, shed, or stink like crazy," it could be the remedy. And who wouldn't wish a less stinky dog due to Dinovite?

What are the ingredients in Dinovite vitamin supplements for dogs?

Source: Dinovite

Let's begin with the most significant aspect: the main ingredients. Almost all recipes contain the same ingredients, which are pretty simple and popular in pet food supplements and consumables. These are the main ingredients of a regular Dinovite supplement that your dog will consume:

Ground Flaxseed

As a dog parent, you most likely want your dog's coat and skin to be lustrous, thick, and lice-free. Who doesn't enjoy having enormous, bouncy fur balls frolicking around the house? Unfortunately, weather, infections, and other internal and environmental elements all hurt your dog's dermatological health.

Even if you wash the coat with chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners and rub in soaps with thick bristles brushes, the quality isn't quite correct, and there's a risk of chemical infections on their coat.

Consuming ground flaxseed helps your dog or puppy's coat and skin to be naturally healthy and gorgeous. Something that makes you say, 'Wow!' You'll notice it every time you see it. Flaxseed effects are entirely natural and have no negative side effects.

Flaxseed also contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with conditions such as arthritis and kidney function.

Dried Kelp

As one of the key ingredients of Dinovite, Dried kelp is a nutritional powerhouse for dogs suffering from any deficiency. Kelp is known to be high in iodine as well as a variety of other minerals that will provide your dog with the total protection they require to live a healthy life. This also helps the immune system by fortifying it against viruses, illnesses, and contaminations of all kinds, and improves thyroid health.

Dry Yeast

Don't worry. This isn't candida yeast, which is infamous for giving yeast infections to dogs. Instead, the dry yeast ingredients used in Dinovite are entirely safe for dog consumption. So, what is Dinovite's dry yeast component good for?

It provides your big boy with Amino Acids and Beta complex. These ingredients provide your dog with the proteins they need to function throughout the day. They help in cell and skin repair, and keep the body in perfect shape. Moreover, it helps in eye and liver health too.

Vitamin E

Your dog's hygiene contributes significantly to its health. Unfortunately, unsanitary coats and skin invite diseases of all kinds and make it impossible to live a healthy life.

Your dog's fur and skin will be naturally healthy and nourished from the inside out, thanks to the vitamin E antioxidant in these Dinovite supplements. This way, any oil, shampoo, or lotion you apply to their fur will also produce excellent benefits.


Alfalfa is for dogs what granola bars are for humans: full of energy, nutrition, and endless health benefits. These improve your dog's health and immune system by working on their digestive systems.

Alfalfa is essentially a fibrous element in the Dinovite supplement. It aids digestion, especially if your dog's digestive tract is underdeveloped or failing with age.

Zinc Methionine Complex

Zinc methionine complex is nothing more than a fancy name for a zinc supplement. While zinc is a vital part of your dog's nutritional needs, certain breeds (larger breeds) require more of it than others.

Zinc is required for a healthy reproductive and immune system, tissue renewal, skin maintenance, and healthy bones and teeth. It also aids in liver function, vitamin A release, skeletal system development, nervous system development, and brain function.


Fructooligosaccharide travels undigested through the stomach and small intestine. As it enters the large intestine, it becomes available as food for the good bacteria that live there. As a result, combined with the fermented microbials, the beneficial bacterial cultures can flourish and begin to starve out the pathogenic yeast (Candida albicans), which causes yeast infections.

Overall, Dinovite supplements do not supply a significant amount of the core three macronutrients for dogs: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. However, given that Dinovite is a supplement rather than dog food, this lack of nutrition is unsurprising. Dinovite for dogs supplements is best used as a topper for your dog's main meal.

Dinovite contains various minor plant ingredients such as Flaxseed, Kelp, Alfalfa, and others to provide a variety of micronutrients. While some of these nutrients do not show consistent advantages, as a whole, they would be considered a healthy addition to many dogs' diets.

What types of Dinovite supplements are available?

Dinovite supplements are available in a variety of sizes and administration forms.

Categories by Size:


Dinovite for Small Dogs

Dinovite for Medium Dogs

Dinovite for Large Dogs

Dinovite for Giant Dogs


0-18 lbs

18-45 lbs

45-75 lbs

75< lbs






Categories by Puppy Breed:


Dinovite for Small Breed Puppies

Dinovite for Medium Breed Puppies

Dinovite for Large Breed Puppies





All of the products mentioned above are available in powdered form. They're mixed in with or sprinkled on top of your dog's regular food. To activate the enzymes in the supplements, add a few drops of water.

Although Dinovite brand items can be expensive, they come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means you have 90 days to try the product to see if you like it, or more appropriately, if your dogs like it. But, as of yet, the brand has yet to have a product recalled. Dinovite further states that it takes roughly 90 days for the supplements to start working.

Any subsequent purchases will be covered by the brand's usual 30-day money-back guarantee following your original purchase.

Source: Dinovite

Are there any other types of supplements available From Dinovite?

Apart from the food supplements, Dinovite also offers:

  • Dinovite Liquid: Paste-like supplement. Squeeze a dollop into your dog food to provide nutritional value. It includes chicken liver and menhaden fish oil in addition to the standard nutrients for a healthy gut, skin, and coat.

         Price: $17.99

  • Lickochops With Omega 3, 6, and E: Liquid supplement

          Price: $9.99

  • Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement: It is an easy-to-absorb liquid solution that supports joint flexibility and mobility while also maintaining healthy joint and cartilage function.

          Price: $29.95

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil: Oil-based liquid supplement

          Price: $19.95

  • Supromega Fish Oil: Liquid supplement, delivers all the benefits of menhaden fish oil as stated above. 

          Price: $9.99

  • Supromega Fish Oil Gel Caps: Gel supplement, delivers all the benefits of menhaden fish oil as stated above. 

          Price: $12.99 for 150 g supplements, $24.99 for 300 g supplements

  • Fidocal: Powdered calcium supplement containing calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate for bone and teeth health, as well as metabolic and hormone function support. 

          Price: $14.99

Are there any side effects to Dinovite’s supplements for dogs?

Pros of Dinovite’s supplements for dogs

Why would you want to choose Dinovite supplements for your superhero? Here are some pretty solid reasons:

Supplement Hierarchy

With Dinovite, you can build an entire supplement system for dogs of all ages, sizes, breeds, and preferences. From a heart-eyes Chihuahua to a larger greyhound, there's a supplement arrangement for every dog. 

The Dinovite powdered supplements are a standard for every dog. Even if you own more than one kind of dog, the Dinovite Multi Breed Homes priced at 250 bucks will suit everyone. 

Then, you can add boosters and fortifiers to make up for other essential needs of each dog. 

Pretty simple, right?

90-Day Trial

Dinovite offers a 90-day trial period to its customers. That's also how long it'll take for the supplements to kick in. If, after three months, there's no considerable betterment, Dinovite will gladly offer compensation for your purchase!

Cons of Dinovite supplements for dogs

Yup. Despite all the praise, there are some cons with Dinovite supplements that you need to know about.

No Separate Administration

Unlike many other supplements, most of Dinovite's supplements have to be mixed with dog food. They cannot be fed separately. This may cause you to mix the supplement in food items that can cause an adverse reaction to the supplement. This change in their diet may also not sit well with your dogs!

Upset Tummies

The fibrous elements in Dinovite supplements that help in breaking down larger food particles may be a bane for your dog. If your fuzzball only eats soft foods, this can be even more dangerous since their stomach cannot immediately adjust to external fibers. As a result, your canine might experience diarrhea for a while before the body normalizes the supplement.

Customer Reviews

Dinovite has also had many happy customers over the years; take a look at some of their reviews:

The Verdict

Should you buy Dinovite? Maybe, maybe not. It’s totally up to you. 

Dinovite is undoubtedly effective and safe for dogs, has a range of supplements, and also comes with a 90-day trial period. So, if your dog has itching, shedding, joint issues, inflammation, or any other kind of deficiency-caused problem, you may ask your vet and give it a go!