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Alternatives to Orijen and Acana: Jinx vs Crafted Kibble

In this article, we’ll highlight some of the alternatives to Orijen and Acana Dry Dog food. Today’s pet owners have some serious options, as there are some new, challenger/online pet food brands offering high quality kibbles and other meals at prices that are more affordable than the premium powerhouses like Orijen and Acana.Because they’re our

Review: Dinovite— Is it the Best Supplement for Dogs?

Gone are the days when dog parents had to crush, grind, or blend dozens of concoctions to keep their dogs healthy. Also, gone are the days when organic, nutritious natural foods were readily available and affordable. Now, it’s challenging to feed your own kids healthy meat, fruits, or veggies, let alone canines!Nowadays, most dog diets

Review: The Farmer’s Dog — Is Fresh Dog Food Worth It?

By now, every dog owner in the US has heard of The Farmer’s Dog – a new company cooking up a line of fresh, nutritionally-balanced food made with human-quality ingredients that gets shipped right to your front door. It’s nutritionally balanced to meet your pooch’s needs and cooked with high-quality ingredients that you could actually

Review: Chippin Sustainable Dog Treats

Chippin is a hypoallergenic and all-natural dog treat that your best pal with four paws will love! Chippin dog treats focus on high-quality ingredients, sustainability, and having a PAWsitive impact on the environment, using 90% fewer resources than the average dog treat. I think it’s incredibly important to take your dog’s health and nutrition seriously,

Review: Ollie Chicken Recipe

 Recently my dog’s sensitive stomach required me to make her health a priority. After several trips to the vet, many hours of online research, and several rounds of experimentation, I stumbled upon Ollie’s fresh dog food recipes.Ollie uses human-grade, vet-formulated nutrition with customized ingredients to optimize your dog’s health from the inside-out. Ollie’s dog food

Review: Heed Foods Prebiotic Kibble

Disclosure: I received one free bag of dog food in exchange for honest feedback. This review outlines my honest experience giving my dog Denver Heed Food prebiotics.  Heed Foods is a new healthy line of dog food, toppers, and treats designed to improve your dog’s digestion. It’s one of the first brands to focus almost exclusively

Review: Ollie Fresh Beef Dog Food Recipe

Ollie fresh dog food RECIPEsINGREDIENTSNUTRITIONAL INFOOllie Hearty Beef Recipe Beef, beef heart, sweet potato, peas, potato, beef kidney, carrot, beef liver, spinach, chia seed, dicalcium phosphate, blueberries, fish oil (preserved with tocopherols), iodized salt, zinc gluconate, rosemary, vitamin E supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), potassium iodideProtein: min 12%Fat: min 10%Fiber: max 2%Moisture: