Secure your Pet with the Best Wireless Fence

It is a well-known fact that dogs are one of the most lovable and playful pets. They have a dynamic nature and are always ready to run around.

Your pet may be too tempted to step out in the big world outside the yard. He may want to play with neighboring dogs or chase the cats and squirrels outside.

But this is not entirely safe. There are chances of them being attacked by stray dogs, or getting hit by moving vehicles. An excellent solution for this is a wireless fence system, which lets your pet have some free time and keeps him safe too.

Wireless Dog Fence Considerations

Here are a few essential features you need to consider when choosing a wireless dog fence:

1. Portability

Portable wireless systems define a set area with the help of a central transmitter. These systems are quick to install and effortless to carry around on vacations. The only downside is that you cannot customize the size of such a system to other shapes.

2. Number of Transmitter Collars

If you have multiple pet dogs, make sure to buy a wireless fence that comes with extra transmission collars, either with the package or separately.

3. Area of Coverage

Wherever you want to create a boundary, make sure you take the size and shape of the area in consideration. Measure the area and go for a fence that will provide sufficient coverage.

4. Type of Battery

Rechargeable batteries used in wireless dog fences are much more cost-effective than non-rechargeable batteries. Make sure to opt for a battery that has a battery life of minimum 2-3 weeks.

5. Size of the Dog

If you have a small-sized pet dog, make sure you check the weight of the dog’s receiver collar before making a purchase.

6. Adjustable Static Correction

Each dog is different and will react to static correction differently. Sometimes the intensity of static correction might be too high or low for your dog. Hence, opt for a fence that allows adjustments in the power of static correction.

Wired vs. Wireless Dog Fence

Wired dog fences use a wire that needs to be buried inside the ground to create a boundary. If your pet dog crosses the wired border, the collar will beep and provide static correction if they don’t get back inside.

As for wireless dog fence, it utilizes a unique collar. All you need is to place the collars transmitter in the center. It will form a boundary across a defined circular area where you need to install small flags. Whenever your dog goes out of the area, the collar will provide a light shock to get them back inside.

Wireless dog fences are easy to set up, portable, require no tools and do not create a mess.

As for wired dog fences, you will have to dig and bury the wires for installation, which is a lengthy process. But, with wired systems, you have the freedom to customize the size and shape of the boundary, which isn’t the case with wireless fences.

Wireless Fence Dog Collar Considerations

1. Adjustability

The collar should allow adjustments to fit the dog’s neck comfortably. Too tight might make your dog uncomfortable, whereas too loose might prevent your dog from feeling the shocks.

2. Means of Correction

Check what the methods of correction in the collar are. Some collars use a small shock, while others only create vibrations. Adding to the shocks, some collars also emit a buzz/beep. Best collars are those which allow you to adjust the intensity of vibrations, shocks and beeps to suit the dog.

3. Security

The durability of the collar and quality of the clips on the collar are essential. Best collars are those that are waterproof and durable enough to allow your dog to be in the rain or play in the water.

4. Battery Life

Make sure to check the battery life of the collars. Some of them last for weeks, whereas others for only a couple of days. Opt for rechargeable batteries, as they are much more convenient to use in the long run.


#1st Rated

This Radial-shape wireless dog fence is a gadget that every pet owner must possess. This wireless dog fence can be customized to correct up to 2 collars. With the help of advanced data filtering, the fence gives pet owners a tighter trigger zone. This zone is generally 3-6 feet, which helps to keep the dog safer.

You can set the fence boundary distance on the controller, and add the collar to the system. The wireless system is on continuous communication with your pet’s location via the collar.

You can also choose correction levels depending upon your pet’s size, temperament, and age. There is tone only correction and 5 static corrections you can choose from. Once your dog reaches the trigger zone, the collar issues a correction based on your setting.

There is a 30-second safety time-out feature too. This means that the collar will stop corrections after 30 seconds. However, if your pet returns back to the roaming area, the corrections cease immediately.

#2nd Rated

This wireless system gives circular coverage of up to ½ acres from the place where the indoor transmitter is fixed. There is one level of tone and 5 static levels to correct your pet. This system creates a wireless barrier to keep your pet safe within the limits of your yard.

The containment system also provides a waterproof collar for your pet. It is made to fit comfortably for pets weighing 8 pounds and up. You can adjust it as required to fit neck sizes between 6-28 inches. The best feature of the collar is that once charged it can last up to 2 months.

With this pet safety system, you can protect your entire yard or only a part of it, such as the backyard. You can do so by positioning the base unit to that specific area. With the PetSafe system, you can add up to 3 base units and cover a larger area. This gives your dog more space to run around and play.

#3rd Rated

This wireless fence from PetSafe is here to keep your pet safe and secure within the yard. The system comes with a circular wireless fence which can cover up to ¾ acres. So, if you have a more massive yard, this system is the ideal one.

The PetSafe Play and Stay fence consists of a rechargeable, waterproof collar which can last up to 3 weeks. Once the battery is low, the battery indicator will alert you for recharging it. It also allows you to add up more than one collar. So, in case you have more than one pet, you can secure them all with a single fence system.

The wireless fence system has 5 levels of static and a sound-only training mode too. Thus, if you wish to train your pet, you can easily do so, by using the sound-only mode.

It is effortless to set up this system, and it is portable too. Hence, you can carry it along for vacations and camping also.

#4th Rated

The Perimeter wireless fence system is a great way to keep your pets within the yard boundary. A very innovative feature of this Wi-Fi-based system is that it allows the collar to act as receiver and transmitter both.

It is capable of covering up to 2.5 acres of area and features rechargeable collars and 8 adjustable correction levels too. There is a beep-only mode also, which can be used to train your dog. Setting up this wireless system is easy and free from any hassle of burying and digging.

The Wi-Fi system comes with rechargeable batteries, which can last for about a week. It also provides two additional batteries, one for the collar and the other for the base station. If you have more than one canine, you need not worry as this system can take care of 2 pets simultaneously.


Each of the wireless fence systems is unique in its way. They all fulfill the purpose of keeping your pet safe. However, our top pick among them is the PetSafe Play & Stay Wireless Fence.

This wireless fence is capable of covering up ¾ of the area, and that is a big plus for bigger yards. Being wireless, the system can be set up quickly. The system comes with a waterproof collar and a beep-only training mode too.

You can choose from 5 levels of static corrections, depending upon your pet’s personality and age. If you have multiple pets, then this single system will accommodate them all with different setting for each of them.


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