Best Puppy Halloween Costumes Review

Having a canine friend at your home can be a beautiful thing. Dogs, as they say, are the most loyal animals. They are loving, caring, and extremely affectionate. As puppy parents, you love to do everything for them. And when it comes to dressing them up, most of you may be thrilled by the mere mentioning of it. Decorating your pup and adding the extra cuteness to their looks can be a pretty thing to do. Halloween is one such occasion where you may want to include your pup in all the fun. You may want to dress him up in a silly character or make him look like a monster. There are a variety of costumes available for all dog sizes.

Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a huge Dane, there is something for everyone.

To make choosing costumes easier for you, we have reviewed some of them below. One thing to remember is to always measure your dog accurately before ordering any outfit. It is essential for your pup to be comfortable.



Is your pup a brave heart and ready to take on whatever comes her way? Then this Wonder Woman costume is exactly what she needs.

Consisting of a headpiece and a dress, this Wonder Woman costume is too good to resist. Instantly transform your pooch into America’s favorite character. The outfit is designed to fit your pet easily without making them uncomfortable.

The gold polyfoam headband included with the set has the wonder woman symbol. The dress comes in red and blue combination with white stars embossed all over. It is available in various sizes from small to 3X large.

The costume is made with 100% polyester material to keep your furry friend happy and comfortable. Your pooch will look like an ultimate crime fighter ready to rescue the world!

5 of 5 Stars

This cute costume is based on the famous Pirates of the Caribbean theme. It consists of three parts; a hat, a cloak, and a suit.

Made with soft cotton material, the costume will be smooth and soft on your dog’s skin even after long hours of use. So you need not worry about his comfort and happily enjoy the Halloween party.

The Velcro design makes it easy to put the costume on and off. The outfit has a hook arm from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, which looks unique. Your pet is sure to grab all the attention at Halloween.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Adding oodles of cuteness to your little furry baby is this Hula Girl Puppy Costume. This unique costume consists of a polyester coconut bra, a leaf skirt, and lei.

The polyester material makes it super comfy and gives it a stylish look too. Your baby pup is undoubtedly going to set the cuteness chart high wearing this Halloween costume. Cleaning the dress is as easy as wiping it off with a clean damp cloth.

The costume comes with touch fastener closures at the waist.  It helps to keep the outfit intact so that your puppy can move around freely and enjoy.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Inspired by the best cowboy buddy from the epic movie series, this costume will add stars to your pup’s charm. The costume consists of a shirt with an attached vest, bandana handkerchief and a hat too.

It is made with polyester material to keep your furry friend relaxed throughout the Halloween party.

The shirt has easy hook and loop fastener at the center. Also, the hat has an elastic band to secure it under. You can fix the bandana around the neck with the hook and loop fastener.

With this smart costume, your little Chihuahua will shine like a star. And you will feel like a proud puppy parent!

4.5 of 5 Stars

Attending a Halloween party with a scary theme? Searching for an appropriate costume? Look no further. The T.Rex Dinosaur costume is here to your rescue.

It is a perfect scary costume for the Halloween party your pet can flaunt. The outfit has a step in shirt with attached arms which fit into your pet’s front legs. It also has a separate headpiece for the dinosaur face.

The costume is available in many sizes. It comes in brown color with face hole lined with white teeth. The teeth make the dress look more real than ever.

Make your pet the star of any party with this fantastic Jurassic Park costume.

4 of 5 Stars


Choosing Halloween party costumes is absolutely a personal choice. You can choose to dress your dog as a cute pup, or a scary giant, all depends on you. Each product reviewed above is unique in its own way.

Our top pick for puppy Halloween costume is the Nacoco Pirates of the Caribbean Pet Costume. The dress is made with soft cotton fabric, which is a big plus. The material helps to keep your dog comfortable for hours and is not harsh on your pet.

The costume is suited for a variety of occasions like birthday parties, Halloween and Christmas too. Also, the outfit is washable, which helps you to keep it clean. Given the Velcro closure, the costume is easy to put on and take off too.

This costume is an excellent option for photo shoots also. Your pup will look nothing less than handsome.


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