Best Indoor Dog House Reviews

You need a private and secure place to stay and sleep, so does your dog. Unlike outdoor dog houses, indoor dog houses give your pooch a place feel safe inside - without having to be strong enough to provide protection from the elements.

We'll breakdown the best indoor houses for your pet, and go into detail on the features that you should think about - from heating, to cooling, to comparing materials like plastic, wood or even metal.  


1. Insulated

If you are opting for a winter dog house, consider the insulation of the house as the most critical factor. The door and walls must be sheathed with styro for better insulation. If you stay in a snowy area, provide an extra foam.

2. Heating

Many dog houses come with a floor heater. Heated dog house purpose is to keep the dog warm and cozy throughout the winter season. Foam insulation in ceiling and walls including the floor heater serve efficiently as the warm dog house.

Cooling is significant for a well-balanced dog house. In scorching summer, the dogs tend to get dehydrated and heat stroke that can lead to their demise. An air-conditioned dog house with adequate insulation and proper cooling devices like an exhaust fan, ceiling fan or a standard fan, and a cooling bed with the principles of thermodynamics can be beneficial for the large dog house. Also, a sprinkling of water on the outer roof and the walls, using ice and cold water helps in cooling down the room temperature.

4. Portable

If you are an avid traveler and can’t be apart from your furry friend for long, fix on a portable dog house that you can take anywhere. Warm, soft and ultra-comfortable, the portable nature can be folded flat. The house comes with full padding. It is the best house for small dogs and puppies.

5. Soft-sided

The travel-friendly dog house can give your cuddly little pooch the ultimate comfort and fun on the go. The soft-sided cute indoor dog house has a bed and comes in various colors and shapes, and is made from super soft and durable fabrics. It is washable, portable and collapsible.

6. Igloo

Shaped like a typical igloo, the unique dome-shaped shelter adds beauty and can be considered as a fancy indoor dog house. With the aesthetic appeal, an igloo is more tightly enclosed than other dog houses. It means to render an added protection from the harsh weather and other odds like high winds, snow, debris, etc. The portable Igloo dog house can be easily installed anywhere.

7. Overhang Roof

Your dog must remain safe from the adverse effects of rain and snow. Ideally, an overhanging roof keeps the interior of the dog house free from rain, snow, and direct sunlight. If the roof is overhung at the house’s entrance, rain can’t enter through the front door.

8. Top Deck/Side Porch

The watchdogs best love top deck or side porch. The dog house designs stairs, side porch and a deck on top where the dog can rest and soak up the sun while keeping a keen watch on your property. The house consists of a flat area with a small railing surrounding it to keep the dog away from jumping off and getting hurt.

9. Double

The proud owner of two beautiful dogs can buy a double or duplex dog house. In this way, they can be friends forever, and you can save a lot of extra space needed for an entirely separate home. Plus, this kind of single dog house for 2 dogs is suitable for the people who have little space indoor or outdoor.

10. Removable Floor

Some dogs are very naughty. They make the room extremely dirty, and you can’t get into the dog house for cleaning it completely. Own a modern dog house with a removable floor. Just take off the floor and wash it. After drying, reinsert the washed floor back in the dog house.

11. House/Bath Combo

A dog house that can be converted into a bathtub is an excellent medium to keep your pooch thoroughly clean and refreshed. The solid construction has no risk of leakage. It recirculates the water and warms it for keeping the canine comfortable. After finishing the bath, the tub can be emptied and wiped and again converted into a house.

Dog House and Bathing Combo

Types of dog house

1. Wood Dog House

It is the most preferable aesthetically pleasing traditional house for big dogs that finely blends with the homely charm. A bit hectic to assemble, the wooden kennels can be of any shape and size as per convenience. Just take care of the wood as the material tends to rot, encounters insect attack, and water can sit on the roof. Keep the floor lifted up from direct contact with the ground.

2. Plastic Dog House

The easily cleanable plastic is a popular material as it gives rise to a waterproof dog house. You can repaint it. The best part is that it is safe from flea and ticks and can be placed at any corner.

3. Metal Dog House

It is expensive and can be carried anywhere. Besides, metals like aluminum and stainless steel are heavy, durable, rot and scratch proof. Dogs with the habit of chewing, biting and scratching can be kept in it. Just add adequate insulators.

4. Barrel Dog House

The cheap dog houses include a barrel den. The long-lasting barrel dog house can be built from metal and plastic. Place warm blankets or pine straw for comfort. The house must be placed on bricks for keeping the rainwater away from seeping in via the bottom holes. Drilling multiple small hollows in the frontal part serve as drainage holes.

5. Fiberglass Cave Dog House

The heavy-duty fiberglass cave dog house is decay and leak proof. Preferably wide as a house for large dogs, it can be built with the composite floor and indoor or outdoor carpeting. It is easy to clean.

Indoor dog house vs. Outdoor dog house

Indoor Dog House

  • Usually made of plastic and fiber.
  •  Can’t stand extreme weather conditions.
  • Cheap.
  • Not completely water resistant and UV rays/heatproof.
  • Not so rugged in construction.
  • Suitable for small and medium size dogs.

Outdoor Dog House

  • Usually made of wood and metal.
  • Can stand extreme weather conditions.
  • Costly.
  • Water resistant and UV rays/heatproof.
  • Rugged in construction.
  • Suitable for giant dogs.


The indoor and outdoor placing facility, robust exterior material, and the superb insulation keeps the little friend warm during chilling winter summer and cool during scorching summer. The lightweight double-hued plastic made house contains the first-class air ventilation and circulation system. The assemblage takes no time as it comes in two pieces only.


  • The affordable, waterproof and rot-resistant unique barn-shaped house protects the dogs from outdoor harshness.
  • The rear air ventilation promotes air circulation.
  • The extended roof guard rim prevents the rain to seep in.
  • The raised interior flooring keeps the dog dry.
  • Available in various sizes and colors, the kennel doesn’t require painting.


  • Not friendly with dogs with chewing and scratching habit.

The furniture style pet house can be doubled as a pleasing end table. There is no worry of proper air flow and ventilation. Available in four sizes and few exciting colors like white, black, espresso and taupe grey, the Pet Crate is built of solid Hevea Wood making it extremely durable and scratch proof. You will get a secure lockable latch and the tools for assembling.


  • The dual doors act as a lockable gate.
  • The end table design generates an ultra-stylish feel.
  • An additional storage place provided by the end table.
  • Generous interior, maximum comfort and easy to assemble.
  • Enhanced durability due to the solid wood construction.


  • Needs regular wood maintenance.
  • Pricey.

It is a condo-style lightweight home with a balcony, ladder and lattice fence:- quite like your beautiful house. The additional resilience comes from the kiln-dried cedar. It has a raised bottom for keeping the floor dry. You may find some of the assembling elements bit odd.


  • The imperishable house for small dogs is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Constructed from kiln-dried cedar and has raised panel floor for keeping the canine dry.
  • Can be treated with natural colors and is easy to assemble with the encompassed hardware.
  • Easy cleaning due to the removable bottom panels and roof.
  • Contains latticework, balcony and side steps.


  • Not for large dogs.

It provides a condo-style vintage appeal with windows, lock, and stairs. The lightweight kiln-dried cedar is tough wearing. The issue is the ‘single size.’ Just remove the roof to clean the inner part. The well-ventilated portable house keeps your pets refreshed all the time.


  • A small dog and a cat can live simultaneously.
  • Can be stained and paint.
  • Constructed with non-toxic and high quality long lasting materials.
  • Innovative design, comfortable and hard-wearing pet cot, and easy to clean.
  • Has stairs and a deck on top for resting.


  • Not fit for extreme weather conditions.
  • Only single size is available.

With the unique Microban Technology, there is no chance of odor and stains caused by the dog poop and microorganisms. Fit for both indoor and outdoor use; it can withstand any weather with ease. No raindrop or heavy wind can enter inside due to the extended doorway. Comes in 3 different sizes, the U.S.A made dog-house has raised floors with moats encompassing the walls to keep the water away from entering.


  • Sturdy and spacious for comfort with extended, offset doorway for extra security from rain and wind.
  • Suitable for extra-large dogs, the extremely durable foam construction helps them to be warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Comes with roof ventilation for constant air flow.
  • The Microban technology prevents stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Tool-free assembly.


  • Roof ventilation can become incompetent after sometime.

Conclusion - Let's pick the best DOG house

Merry Products Wood Pet Home: The perfect house for medium dogs and puppies due to its ability to stand both inside and outside. The kiln-dried cedar, raised panels, latticework, side steps, and balcony give the complete utility and look of a real human’s house. The natural cleaning and assembling facilities urge the busy dog owners to buy the pretty dog house.

Petmate Barnhome III Dog House: Dog owners who wish an extremely durable and highly efficient kennel must go for it. Features like water and rot resistance, barn-shape, rear air ventilation, extended roof guard rim, raised interior floor, multiple sizes, and tints, etc. give any sized dog the best comfort and fun inside.

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