11 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food For Allergic Dogs [2020 Buyers Guide]

So your dog's got allergies? You probably didn't see that coming. Most of us dog owners don't realize that our pets can get allergies as well. If you've figured out that your four-footed friend has allergy problems, it's time to eliminate the allergens from their diets. Here are our tips on the best hypoallergenic dog food for our friends.

I've created this post that helps you choose between 11 different hypoallergenic dog food for your pooch so you can find the right one for your family. 

Why You Should Feed Your Dog Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Some dogs are sensitive to certain types of food and can't handle it when they eat them. I know, for example, that when I give my dog enough human food, I can hear his stomach growling for the next few hours and he struggles to eat anything else (even treats!).

It's sad when your favorite animals have upset stomachs because of how miserable it can turn out making them. This can make you feel even more guilty, since it's us, the humans, who are usually responsible for what our pets eat. Make sure that if your dog must avoid specific ingredients, then you give him the best for their stomach.

Different Allergies in Different Dogs

Every dog is different, and they all have different taste buds just like us humans. Sure, they are willing to eat a lot of things we'd consider gross, but you should still give them the best type of food for them so that they can live happily.

A lot of dogs struggle with allergies as well, and if you keep feeding them the same food over and over again when it upsets their stomach every time, you might have a case on your hands where your pet is eating food that he is allergic to!

Types of Food to Look Out for in Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Beware of scams when it comes to dog food that's supposed to be for "soft stomachs" when searching for the best kind for your pet.

To ensure that you're giving your dog right hypoallergenic dog food, you should look for the following types of food inside your new dog food, and you should try your best to stay away from this!

These are some main types of meat that are the cause of your dog's allergies. In most cases, you should find what's in your dog's food at the moment and try to stay away from those ingredients in your next type of dog food you're going to be looking for.

Here's the list of foods that you might want to stay away from:


Yeast has an amino acid in it that a lot of dogs can't seem to handle. If your dog is relieving gas a lot or has trouble breathing, then it's a good sign that yeast might be the matter causing these symptoms.

If you think yeast might be the issue, then you should immediately check to see what's in your dog's food and if yeast is in the ingredients, you should stay away from it when you're looking for something else to get.

Chicken & Dairy

Chicken is something that is commonly built up over time, such as most lactose intolerant cases. If your dog eats food with chicken ingrained into it for years and suddenly feels terrible, you can assume that the dog is more than likely allergic to it.

Chicken allergy symptoms in dogs include itchiness, ear infections, vomiting and diarrhea, and just about anything you think is unusual for your dog to be doing. Dogs can be lactose-intolerant if that's what you're wondering. It's hard to answer for scientists because lactose intolerance is mainly studied in humans.

Dogs can, however, be allergic to both chicken and dairy, and you might as well say they're lactose intolerant. This should be one of the first things you check for in your dog if he is acting strange!


Beef allergies in dogs are usually caused by a specific protein found in dogs that their bodies can't handle like us. Like most food allergies in dogs, flatulence, skin problems, and breathing issues are common symptoms for this type of allergy.

However, you can find that there are also some moderately specific reactions to beef from dogs. Some responses are bald spots being seen, and obsessive licking, especially in areas such as their paws and feet.

If this is an issue, look at giving your dog a different type of protein that their body can handle. Proteins such as fish, beans, turkey, or even duck!

There are always alternatives!


Although not a ton of dog foods carry fish-related ingredients in them, fish is common in terms of what dogs are usually allergic to. Common symptoms with fish allergies include runny nose, eyes, and hives on their body.

Since these symptoms are particular to fish, it's relatively easy to single out and find dog foods that don't contain fish in it!

Overview: More To Consider

Dog owners, be aware! Most dogs are allergic to multiple things in their food, so don't just focus on singling out one specific ingredient. You should be looking for many things and use trial and error to find the absolute best food for them.

The list later down in this guide can help give you some good ideas that work for most dogs. Don't assume that the one you buy will work no matter what, but you can be sure that you're in good hands for finding what will probably work.

Also, if you somehow know the dog's parents, then you'll have a better chance at figuring their allergy out as well. This is mainly something to consider for dog breeders, who work with several generations of the same pet's family.

If the dog's mother was allergic to beef and chicken, make sure that her child stays away from that in their dog food! If you don't know what your dog is allergic to, and can't find a cause for their issues, then read the following.

Go to the Vet if Symptoms Don't Leave

So many people assume that their dog is just allergic to the type of food they're eating and blame their symptoms on that!

However, more often than not, there's more to the story. Only about 10% of the time is your dog's problems to be blamed on the food that they're eating. Don't look at this statistic and automatically assume that the food's not the issue though.

If you ignore their food and go straight to the vets, then you might end up costing yourself hundreds of dollars for a vet to tell you to switch foods! The first thing you should check is what your dog is in-taking on a regular, day to day basis and make sure that that's not the main issue.

If you find that no other dog food is helping, then you'll want to see a vet and make sure it's nothing more serious.

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11 Best Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

PS For Dogs Lamb Recipe

This hypoallergenic lamb food recipe is right for your dog if you think the issue resides in the type of meat they're eating in their current dog food. The most common problems, as stated above, are within lamb and fish as their primary protein sources.

Fewer dogs are allergic to lamb as they are to chicken, beef, and fish. You can get rid of your dog's unwanted symptoms if this is the cure, and for that price, this is a good deal when talking about your dog's sanity and health.

They also have a very similar turkey recipe, but it's not as highly rated as the ladder. You should consider getting your dog this food if he has been struggling with allergies for a while now. This could save you a lot of money in place of going to the vets' office or trying pills and shots.


NonNomNow is a new entrant into the market, and they offer customizable meal plans for your dog. Basically, you take a short quiz about your pet, how big they are, food allergies, and any goals you have for them (like losing weight) - and then NomNomNow creates a customized meal plan just for your pet.

The great thing about NomNomNow is that it's totally customized for your specific needs. Beyond the customization, other advantages include the freshness and convince that comes with a meal subscription. That's right, they ship fresh food to your home on a regular basis! NomNomNow sometimes runs special discounts - click here now to see if one is available

This dog food comes with multiple types of meat you can choose as the main "dish" in terms of what's in the ingredients. You can select from Bison & Venison, Lamb, Salmon, and Wildfowl.

The good news about this type of hypoallergenic dog food is that if one kind doesn't work with your dog's stomach, you can be sure that at least one of the few other options might work with him.

A 30-pound bag can be bought for below $50, so you can buy this for a meager price per pound, which is suitable for people on a budget when searching for the best hypoallergenic dog food.

Purina has the right name in the world of dog food. If the cover says that it's for "sensitive skin and stomach," you can be sure that it'll probably work on your dog.

The main meal in the food is composed of salmon and rice, which is perfect if your dog initially suffered from a form of meat allergy other than fish (such as beef or chicken). It carries zero corn, wheat or soy, which are also types of foods that dogs are commonly allergic to and make their stomachs upset.

The issue you might face with this dog food is that it could (not always) give your dog some flatulence issues due to the amount of protein they'll be consuming. But, on the bright side, you could be extending your dog's life by feeding them this because of the health benefits that come with this high-quality food!

A more expensive dog food here, you'll be sure to get high-quality meals from this for your dog daily and leave him wanting more all the time.

This type of dog food comes with flavors such as duck and oatmeal, lamb and oatmeal, and turkey and potato! When making this, they were sure to not include a lot of types of ingredients in hopes that it'll put much less strain on your dog's stomach.

Sometimes, your dog eating food that has several types of ingredients in it can upset their stomachs. With this style, they'll stay away from eating complex foods and instead enjoy the simple ingredients and taste that come with it. No wheat, gluten, or any other unnatural ingredients will be found in this also helps your dog's digestive system out.

Last but not least, this product is made in the USA, and that alone makes it one of the best hypoallergenic dog foods available!

Hill's Science Diet dog food is a cheap, well-researched alternative to some other forms of sensitive stomach dog foods you can buy. For under $60 for 30-pound of dog food, you're getting a bargain with this.

Sadly, only one flavor is available, which is the flavor of Chicken and Barley. This dog food is very healthy, with every essential vitamin necessary included in it to ensure your dog's health is in tip-top shape.

Doctors have voted this as a great dog food choice to have if your dog's stomach is sensitive. This dog food is excellent for pets that are very picky eaters. Most of the time, they'll eat and love this stuff, because it tastes more like a treat than it does regular food.

Royal Canin is the best brand for hypoallergenic dog food. They've got the best explicitly rated hypoallergenic foods for your dog. They're not as well-known as Purina, Blue, or Taste of the Wild, but they're good at making high-quality foods for your canine to eat.

Rather than giving your animal protein stemming from chicken, beef, or fish, the protein comes from hypoallergenic soy. This is great to ensure that your dog will be eating good food that's not going to make his stomach upset.

If you have a small dog who suffers from allergic reactions to dog food, then you should buy this. A lot of smaller dogs can't handle the hypoallergenic dog food that comes in the bigger packages, and their teeth can't chew the big pieces that come with is.

You can also use this if your dog has been affected by kidney stones previously. Because of the digestibility and the size of the food, it can pass through the dog's stomach easily and safely allowing for safe digestion.

My issue with this type of dog food is that it's costly.

This duck and pear flavored dog food are perfect for ensuring that your dog is eating healthy foods. It also contains oatmeal-like texture and allowing your dog to eat healthily and eat happily.

Make sure that when buying this, you're confident that your dog can handle oatmeal. You might want to make some oatmeal for your dog and give it a try. If your dog successfully eats it without getting sick, then this is perfect.

Grain-free dog food is perfect for dogs that have sensitive stomachs. Make sure that your dog can handle both the potato-like flavor that comes with this and the digestion of potato. If he is allergic to potato anything, then you should stay away from this altogether.

However, if your dog will eat this and isn't allergic to it, then you're golden! The price, amount you get, and the quality of grain-free dog food you get is perfect.

You've probably never heard of Rachael Ray dog food because I haven't either. But apparently, she makes some great hypoallergenic dog food so that your dog can eat good food!

Corn, gluten, soy, and wheat are ingredients left out of this so that it's as simple as possible for your dog to digest. Lamb being the main ingredient is essential to consider.

If your dog's previous food that was making him sick contains lamb, then you should stray away from this type of food.

This is probably the healthiest product we have on the whole list here. If you want your dog to eat well and healthy, then this is your best bet, but this isn't a cheap product.

You're going to want to think twice before you get your dog hooked onto canned food because that's what dog royalty eats. The label claims that it's comprised of 95% animal protein and lacks ingredients that'll cause allergic reactions in your dog.

Make sure that when you pick the flavor you want, that you choose a flavor with ingredients that'll keep your dog allergy-free. If your dog is allergic to turkey, don't get him the primary turkey type that they sell.

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Healthiest Hypoallergenic Dog Food

The healthiest choice on this guide is the Evo 95 Percent Canned Dog Food. It's the only menu on the item that comes in a can and is made of almost pure animal protein.

They claim to have set the standard for "food safety" in dog food and are supposed to use the finest ingredients in the world to make their canned food. The bulk of the food in the can, however, is meat. When speaking about how dogs' stomachs are, you should know that meat is very healthy for dogs, especially the proteins that come with it.

They also claim to have put in only simple carbohydrates and protein in their dog food so that your dog's stomach won't be growling for hours on end trying to digest the food that they just ate.

Cheapest Dog Food in the Guide

The best deal you'll get in this whole guide comes with the Hills Science Dog Food. You're able to order your dog food for just over a single dollar per every pound!

When you're looking at an already overpriced market (specialized dog food), you should be expecting to pay a premium for the product you want. However, with this specific type of dog food, you'll be letting your dog eat like a king while paying very little for the food he can eat.

If you buy two 30-pound bags and have a tiny dog less than 20 pounds, your dog could be eating out of that same bag for months on end!

Even if your dog isn't allergic to anything, this is a great dog food to get. Not only from the pure proteins and selective ingredients put into the product itself but for the price you'll get!

Best Known Brand in our Guide

Out of everything on the whole list, Purina Pro Sensitive Skin & Dog Food by Purina is the largest brand to have made the cut in our guide. By no means am I saying that their product is superior to the rest, but when you buy from Purina, you'll be sure that there's a standard they'd met before making their dog food.

Purina doesn't specialize in hypoallergenic dog food and doesn't have many flavors or options to choose from. You'll also be paying a high price for the meals they'll provide your dog. The good news is that you're buying from a company, making and selling pet foods for a long time.

After countless trial and errors, and thousands of dollars paid to experts to make excellent dog food, one expects his pet to be in heaven when he eats the food.

Overall Best Dog Food on the List

The highest rated and most enjoyed by dogs' item on the guide is the PS Lamb Hypoallergenic Dog Food. Not too many dogs are allergic to lamb, and with the price, you're getting and the quality of food you're receiving, you're going to be more than satisfied with this type of dog food.

You should have high expectations when searching for the perfect food for your dog, but your expectations will be passed if you buy this food because the company you're buying from prides itself in specializing in hypoallergenic dog foods specifically.

PS: Is your dog allergic? If so what food do you feed him?
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