11 Best Dog Nail Grinders 2017 [Buyers Guide]

Finding the best dog nail grinder for your dog is a big deal. When you injure your dog by cutting his nails in the wrong way, it can be a painful process for both of you. Your pet's going to be limping around for a while and won't let you get near their paws again, and this is a big problem if you want their nails to be less jagged and more correct.

Don't go cheap on your dog and get any old set of dog nail grinders for them, buy the best one you can so that your dog can be comfortable and you won't have issues anymore with his nails ripping things up anymore!

Make this a win-win for both you and your dog, see the guide below for more details.

11 Best Dog Nail Grinders

Why Invest In Good Nail Grinders for Your Dog?

A lot of people don't seem to care about what they cut their dog's nails with, and this can be very bad. There are a few things that are very bad when your dog has long nails, here's a list of just a few side effects of when you're not cutting his nails correctly:

  • The pain that they face when just walking can get severe, and completely alter your dog's lifestyle by making their life less happy. You'll want your dog to have shorter nails so that they don't feel pain when walking. Imagine if your nails were this long, and continuously hurt your feet with every step you took. It can affect their livelihood.
  • This can ruin your furniture! When your dog runs around your house and gets up on your furniture, your whole home can end up getting ripped up by their nails. Dog nails are much sharper than human nails, and they can get intertwined in things in your house, causing a lot of damage.
  • Walking as a dog is going to be much louder with their nails clicking against the ground every day. This is going to annoy you, and they're going to have trouble walking on non-carpeted materials due to continually slipping and sliding everywhere. In a nutshell, making your dog walk around with long nails is somewhat cruel. For these reasons, you should cut your dog's nails short and not allow them to grow out.

Top 11 Dog Nail Grinders Review

1. Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

The best part about the Oster Premium Nail Grinder is that it's very affordable and quiet. When buying this nail grinder, you're going to get an excellent 2-speed best dog nail cutter for your pet. This doesn't just work for dogs, but also works for any other pet you have!

The safety guard that comes pre-installed is also perfect for ensuring that your pet won't get cut when you're cutting their nails. At just $20, this is one of the best deals you'll get for an actual electric nail grinder for your dog. One of the best parts about the quietness of the product is that you can use it on your dog without scaring him with the noise that comes from most nail grinders. These are the reasons why I believe this is one of the best dog nail grinders.

Dremel is known for making some of the best products you can buy that relate to making sure your pets are at their maximum comfort. Once again, this product is electrical and perfectly stable that your pet will be comfortable while his nails are getting cut. The only issue with the kit is the instructions that come with it. Make sure that if you buy this product, you read over the instructions via the internet.

This isn't as quiet as the Oster Gentle Paws nail grinder, but it's still moderately quiet so that your dog won't be too afraid of the noise coming out of it.

Here's a short clip that teaches you how to use the dremel

Being one of the highest-rated and inexpensive items on our list, this is bound to be favorite amongst many people. Once again, we're dealing with an electric tool that's rechargeable so you can use over and over again to cut your dog's nails.

After a few times of using this tool on your dog, he should be able to master their anxiety and be able to stay calm while you're trimming their nails. These are very easy to use and help you to cut nails very quickly.

You can use this nail grinder on your cats as well, due to its nature of being a product for all animals!

One of the coolest things about this specific nail grinder for your dog is that it's rechargeable via USB. Due to its quiet nature, you can use this on your dog without him being upset by the noise.

You also get a 30 day back guarantee if you don't like the product, and with it being under $20, this is a perfect one to first try out on your dog, and if you don't like it, then you can pay more for a more expensive nail grinder and nail cutter for dogs.

It also looks sleek and professional with its white and soft texture.

The Andis EasyClip nail grinder for your dog is perfect if you want a cheap, programmable nail grinder and best nail cutter for your pet. The only issue with this product is that it sometimes breaks if you don't use it correctly or use it too roughly.

Most Andis products can be respected for the quality that they're known to provide for professionals of dog grooming, and this product should get the job done quickly.

Being one of the cheapest items on the list of our 11 best dog nail grinders, this is going to be one of the main ones people look at. However, you shouldn't associate a better price with a better product. Sure, you're going to be getting a high-quality set of best dog nail clippers with this pair for under $10, but they've been newly released, and nobody's been able to actually test the product's durability over the long term.

If you feel like giving them a shot, you'll get high-quality performance out of these, but just know that you're going to be one of the pioneers of the group of people using this product!

This isn't a nail grinder but It deserved a spot in this list because of how good it is, there's another one below!

The best part about the Boshel Nail clippers for your dog is that these clippers are made so sharp that you're going to cut the nails perfectly undoubtedly. The only issue with the sharpness of these clippers is that you can expect a higher chance of injuring your dog. If you have belief in your skill of cutting and grinding your dog's nails, then you should have no problem using these low priced, good quality clippers on your dog.

The design and ergonomic handle that it comes equipped with are perfect for you to cut your dog's nails in the right way and comfortably. You'll get a bonus dog nail filer with this clipper. So after cutting your dog's nails sharply, you'll be able to file them down in perfect texture and length.

The Wahl Professional Kit is perfect for professional dog groomers. They're mostly used by people who cut dog's nails for a living. If that doesn't give you confidence in the product itself, then I don't know what will. Wahl is also a very highly trusted brand for dog grooming supplies, and the best part is that you get so much more than just clippers.

It's an 11 piece kit with electric parts and perfect execution so that you can get the job done efficiently with style. You'll also be surprised to hear how quiet these dog nail grinders are, which will ensure that your dog won't be scared of the clippers or anxious when you pull them out.

The FURminator doesn't just have a cool name, but it also has some cool performance that comes along with it. When buying this lightweight, and easy to use best nail cutter for your dog, you'll be surprised at how much punch this little thing has to it.

Due to the small size, you might have to spend some decent time on your dog's nails if you want them to be done correctly at the end, but all in all, it's an excellent product for you to try out on your dog. You also might need to train your dog to get used to the noise that comes from this high powered best electric dog nail grinder. But after the initial wave of fear stops in your dog, you should be in an excellent position to begin cutting the dog's nails the right way.

The Conair grinder for cutting your dog's nails is a perfect electric nail cutter for your dog. The best part about this isn't the price, but the quality and amount of time you'll get out of this durable piece of equipment will save you money in the long run! It's very quiet, which is excellent for people who have dogs with high anxiety, and it's also very lightweight and easy to use. It even has different tips included that you can put on the end, allowing you to decide whether or not you want to use it as a grinder or a sander.

You can also use this for any size of the animal that you have. Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, you should be able to use it with the same ease and consistency either way. One of the main issues with other grinders that claim to have quiet noise is that they have a terrible battery installed in them to keep the noise levels down. With this specific grinder, you're getting a good battery and right noise level that comes with it!

The best part about the Hertzko nail grinder is not the name of the brand you'll get on the product itself (which is quite honestly one of the most beautiful parts of other grinders), but rather the gentleness and efficiency of this specific product. Currently, you'll find that there is a deal going on where you can get his for much less money than you would on any other day, but that's not even the reason I added it in the list.

We included this product on the list because it contains so many features:

  • Small, medium and large ports all come attached to this. This allows you to adjust to the size of dog that you're tending to.
  • Motor installed that's very quiet. You seriously won't hear much coming out of this nail cutter and grinder for your dog.
  • Removable cap allowing you to clean this inside and out. You don't want to get your dog's nails dirty, so make sure you clean after every use of this!
  • USB compatible charging. This allows you to easily charge this thing and use it whenever and wherever you want. The only issue with this is that the motor inside may not always be able to hold a great charge, due to the motor itself accepting USB charges.

How To Cut Your Dog's Nails The Right Way

Cutting your dog's nails in the right way isn't too tricky once you get the hang of it. You should consider going to get them professionally cut first though, and maybe you can watch the person do it so that you can see how it's done correctly. This will benefit you in the long run by giving you a hands-on experience of how to do it. If you want some other tips and tricks about how to cut your dog's nails, check this out. Here are some of the best pieces of advice I've received about how you're supposed to trim your dog's nails the right way!

Our Favorite Dog Nail Grinder On Our List

Our overall favorite nail grinder on the list has to be the Innopaw Grooming Tool. It's one of the best sellers. The good news with this is that it's not only for small dogs. You can genuinely use this on any size dog, and on any size animal that you want. If you have a rabbit with long nails, you can use this on him and get the same effects as if you were to use this on a dog!

The cover that comes included with this is also great at stopping injuries from happening to you or your dog. Since the grinding head is virtually hidden behind a layer, even if you slip and put this in the wrong area, it won't be grinding away at your dog's skin due to the layer protecting your dog! As we were talking about earlier, the main reason that you can use this on any size animal is due to the ports that come with it. They have a small, medium, and a large port, which is perfect if you have multiple dogs and don't want to have to buy a new grinder for each dog.

Another favorite part of this piece of machinery is the motor that comes installed on it. You won't catch this thing dying on you soon, and it will last longer and is as durable as they come. The motor can be charged, and even though it's electric, it's still considered a cordless piece of equipment which means you won't have to lug around wires with you everywhere you take this thing. The white, sleek piece of machinery that this product is makes it the very best one on our list, and with a price like that, you won't get a better deal on a better product anywhere else.

Tips For Trimming Dog Nails

  • A good trimmer is essential. If you don't have a good trimmer or went cheap, you might run into issues with the clipper getting the job done correctly. Remember, you'll be saving more money in the long run by buying a good clipper with moderate expense instead of paying a professional to cut your dog's nails every other month.
  • Avoid the pink part of the nail. It has blood vessels running through it and can cause a lot of pain to the dog. If you avoid this part of the nail, you'll save a lot of pain. Make sure that you just cut the tip of the nail!
  • Cut from under the nail rather than cutting from over the top of the nail. Trimming your dog's nails is nothing like cutting your own nails. They're entirely different from each other, and you should always cut from underneath to make sure it cuts correctly.
  • Trim quickly. If you take your time squeezing the handle, then you'll put your dog at much more risk by increasing the chance of making a mistake. If you cut slowly and then your dog moves while you're trimming, you can even end up ripping his whole nail off.

Are Dog Nail Grinders Even Safe To Use?

A lot of people have been wondering whether or not these things are even safe to use. The answer to this question is slightly tricky. If you know how to use the device, have a good device known for its safety, and have a well-behaved dog, then you won't have any trouble with this. The issue resides in people who have never used a dog nail grinder before trying to use it on their untrained dog. When this happens, bad results usually take place. If you don't know what you're doing, the following can happen:

  • Your dog can get severely injured. If you cut their paw, they will have trouble walking and will be miserable for weeks with painful cuts on their leg.
  • You can cut their nails in a jagged way, causing them to have very sharp nails. With sharp nails, comes terrible results if your dog is one that likes to run around the house or use your furniture. As spoken about earlier in the article, when your dog ruins your furniture, you'll probably never stop beating yourself over it due to you being able to prevent all of this.
  • You could even injure yourself. If you're not careful with this, then you could easily cut yourself. Trust me, and you do not want to cut yourself with one of these!

Next Steps To Take

The next steps for you to take if you're serious about cutting your dog's nails and grinding them are simple. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • You need to train your dog and prepare him for this. If your dog is untrained, you won't be able to do this effectively. You should play machine noises for your dog while he eats (or at any specific time of the day) to get your dog used to the noise level before your grinder comes.
  • You should train your dog with treats when using these nail grinders. This gives them an incentive to get their nails cut. This will make them love getting their nails cut!
  • Buy the right one. If you have a big dog, then don't buy one that's specifically meant to grind and cut small dog's nails. The same goes the other way around. Don't go cheap and get one that won't work correctly, cutting your dog's nails is a big responsibility, and you'll want to do it the right way.

Do you guys prefer using nail clipper or grinder for your dog nails? Let me know in the comments!

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