What are the Best Dog Doors?

Dog doors - simple in concept, but slightly intimidating. "Hey, let's cut a hole in our door and see what happens!" Thankfully, we've taken a look at the best options for pet owners. Help your little friend enjoy the great outdoors (of be able to scoot out and use the restroom.) 

There are plenty of options when it comes to dog doors. From a simple frame with a flap to a high-end electronic ones, there is so many different options to choose from. 


1. Best Dog Door for a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Dog Door
sliding door dog door

This durable and sturdy sliding option from PetSafe is a blessing for all pooch owners. The sliding door is made with weather-resistant aluminum and break-proof tempered glass.

This aluminum contender from PetSafe is capable of withstanding heavy use. The magnetic flap lets it "stick" closed better, and it's solid enough to help keep a lot of the outside's heat and cold from invading the house. 

The sliding feature keeps you in absolute control of your pet’s accessibility to the outdoors. There is an additional lock in the door for safety as well.

2. Best Dog Door for a Screen Door

dog screen door
sliding screen door with dog door
screen door with dog door

Need to put a pet flap onto a screen or mesh door? Here is a perfect solution for you. This PetSafe screen flap is specially designed to grant your pooch, or cat, the access to move in and out of the house without you have to remove your screen.

This screen flap can directly fit into your existing screen without a lot of effort. The manufacturer says that it will work with the majority of the metal or vinyl coated fiber screen, window-screen, etc.

It has an extremely durable frame, which comes with dual sliding lock. This enables you to restrict your animals movement - and keep raccoons from coming in at night and stealing your kibbles (also, check out our review of Jinx kibbles while your at it!).

The PetSafe slider is made up of special mesh material. The material is tear-resistant and durable so that you don’t have to worry about your animals tearing it up or beating it up running in an out.

3. Best Electronic Dog Door

electronic dog door
electronic dog door large
best electronic dog door

This electronic door offers a superior level of convenience for your pooch to move in and out of the house. It is not only convenient but also high on security and energy efficiency too.

Electronic pet flaps are a sensor in Fido's collar. This version is activated by a MS-4 ultrasonic collar. Even more impressive is the directional sensing system, which opens only at your animal's direct approach. This means the door won’t open when your dog is wandering around, when another animal approaches or when he's sleeping near it.

You can fix this door to your existing doors, screens, and walls too. Also, you can add more security to this by selecting from 4-way access control. You can choose from options like, in only, out only, full access or closed and locked.

4. Best Dog Door for Wall

dog door in wall installation
through wall dog door
wall mount dog door

Install this to an interior or exterior wall and keep your people entrance free. It has a telescopic tunnel too, which allows you to fit it to walls with different widths.

It comes with a slide-in closing panel, which gives you additional pet access control. You can use it to prevent other animals from getting in and also for weather resistance.

This aluminum pet door is sturdy and can be installed in various wall materials and all types of siding, brick, and concrete.

5. Best Large Dog Door

dog doors for large dogs
large breed dog door
best dog doors for large dogs

These large dog doors are one of the most cost-effective solutions for providing independence to your pet. It is equipped with a hard plastic flap and lined with brush weather stripping. This makes it an ideal choice for temperate climates.

The dog door comes with a slide-on lock that can be locked from the inside too. An advantage of the door is that it is made of plastic. Thus, cleaning is easy.

You can rest assured that unwanted outsiders like wind and bugs will not come through. Thanks to the magnetic enclosure of this pet door.  

A beautiful thing about the acrylic flap is that it has a small window at the dog’s eye level. This enables the pet to see outside before exiting.

6. Best Extra Large Dog Door

extra large dog doors extreme weather
petsafe extra large dog door
extra large aluminum dog door

Are you looking for a heavy-duty pet door? Your search ends at the PetSafe Freedom aluminum door for cats and dogs. This pet door has a solid aluminum frame, which makes it quite sturdy.

It has a magnetic flap closure and piles weatherstripping too. The slide-in panel keeps you in complete control of your pet’s access to the door. Just slide the panel over the flap whenever you want to keep your pet indoors.

Not only it is easy to install but also very convenient to use. The flap is tinted vinyl, which is designed keeping in mind your pet’s comfort and ease of use.


Each pet door fulfills the purpose of giving your pet the independence to move in and out of the house. You may select the one that suits your needs.

However, our top pick is the PetSafe Aluminum Patio Panel Glass Door. This glass door is simple and easy to install. It does not require any cutting into walls and doors.

It is made with sturdy aluminum and shatter-proof tempered glass. This makes it extremely durable against all weather conditions.

A big advantage of this pet door is that you can grant access to your pet as and when you want. By shutting the slide-in closing panel, you can keep your pet indoors. Thus, the PetSafe door makes it a very convenient and sustainable option for every pet parent.


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