Keep Your Dog Safe with Best Dog Car Booster Seats

Getting home a pet can be a joyful experience. For pet parents, he is an inseparable part of their family. Notably, dogs are known to be very lovable and loyal.

You may often want your pet to be a part of your outings. This includes taking him for car rides too.

But taking them unstrapped can be a big distraction. At times it can prove quite dangerous this way. And hence, it is best to have a dog car booster seat. It not only keeps the pet safe but also lets him enjoy the ride.

The market is abundantly filled with dog’s car booster seats. We have narrowed them down and brought forth the top ones for you.


#1st Rated
amazon dog car seat

Are Looking for a bucket seat for your little Fido, so that he may enjoy car rides? Look no further. AmazonBasics brings a pet-friendly bucket car seat booster for your pet. It provides an all-around supportive enclosure and ensures that your pet has a safe, sound and enjoyable experience.

The seat booster is elevated so that your dog can enjoy the outside view too. This makes car rides more fun for the pets. The bucket seat is made with oxford fabric, which is exceptionally durable. And the quilted flannel plush top gives a comfortable seating to your canine friend.

It measures 18.5 in x 17.7 in x 15.7 in and also comes with AmazonBasics one year warranty.

There is an extra leash provided, which you can attach to your pet’s harness. It helps to keep the dog safe and secure. While your pet comfortably sits in the bucket seat, you need not worry about its cleanliness. You can hand wash or machine wash the seat as and when required.

#2nd Rated
safest dog car seat

This pet safety seat from PetSafe is what your dog needs while on a car ride with you. It utilizes the T-Core technology, which is a rigid structure inside the seat. This structure integrates easily with your car seat belt, providing extra security to your dog.

The seat elevates 9 inches above the seat level. This gives your pet a comfortable and enjoyable view of the road. The liner of the seat has quilted faux suede with a quilted plaid liner.

This liner is removable so, you can clean it from time to time. There is a safety tether included in the pet seat. This tether has been tested to 2000 lbs. The dimensions of this pet seat are 17 in x 22 in x 17 in, and it can hold pets up to 30 lbs.

The spacious and fully padded interior of the pet seat gives a comfortable ride to your pet. Since the seat is portable, you can choose to place it either on the front seat or the back.

#3rd Rated
chewy dog car seats

The K & H pet booster car seat is going to become your pet’s next favorite thing. Going around in the car will be more fun with this bucket booster seat.

The car seat not only keeps your pet restrained but also elevates him for a better outside view. It is made with 600-denier fabric exterior and an interior of plush quilted fleece. The design aims to provide maximum comfort to your pet, enabling you to drive without any distractions.

It has a contoured back which snugs in easily into your vehicle.  A handy feature of this booster seat is that its front dips down, enabling your pet to get off without tumbling.

The seat is available in 2 sizes. The smaller one is for small pets, while the bigger one can accommodate two small pets. It also has adjustable security leashes which can be attached to your pet’s harness.

#4th Rated
small dog car seat

Made out of oxford cloth material, this car seat can provide your pet with comfortable seating and a road view too. The material keeps the pet seat free of pet hair, mud, and water. You don’t need to worry about dander and claw marks also.

A long belt is used to surround the car headrest, and it buckles up at the front of the pet seat. The pet seat is surrounded by breathable mesh on both sides. It also has a front compartment for storing dog treats and toys.

This WOpet Deluxe pet car booster is suitable for cats, dogs, and pets weighing less than 20 pounds. The strap of the pet seat is adjustable; thus, it can easily fit most of the cars, vans, and SUVs too. When it is not in use, you can easily fold the seat, all thanks to its collapsible design.

#5th Rated
best dog car seat

This seat is one of the safest ways to travel with your pet beside. The portable Genorth dog booster seat consists of sturdy PVC bars which help to keep the pet in place. The safety leash helps to provide extra safety to the pet under all circumstances.

You can attach it to the harness of your pet and ride without any worries. The inner of the car seat is made with super soft flannel fleece for exceptional comfort to your dog. There is an additional storage pocket in the seat. It can be used to store your dog’s important stuff like toys, tissues, etc.

A convenient feature of the car seat is its portability. It can be folded away and stored when not in use.

Also, you can fix the car booster seat both in the front and back seat of the car. The dimensions of this product are 40x30x25. It is suitable for pets less than 13 pounds.

#6th Rated
large dog car seat

Your pet deserves to enjoy car rides, but not at the cost of his safety. The Devoted Doggy Car seats provide the much-needed protection to your pet, while you take him around in the car.

One adjustable buckle snug fit into the back of the seat. While the other fits around the headrest of the seat. This makes the pet feel safe, secure and comfortable too. There is also an added leash which can be clipped on to the harness or collar of your pet.

The Deluxe car seat consists of a collapsible metal frame, which makes the seat sturdy and long-lasting. There is also a soft plush liner which can be removed for cleaning purpose. The deluxe car seat boosts the pet up, for better viewing of what is outside.


Pet car booster seats are available in a lot of variety. Each one does the job of providing the much-needed safety to your pet while he enjoys the car ride. But our favorite is the Genorth Portable Pet Booster Seat.

What impressed us most is the idea of 2 adjustable straps that can be fixed to the car seat. These straps ensure that the dog seat remains unmoved under all circumstances.

The seat consists of a super soft premium flannel fleece blanket for comfortable seating. It is also equipped with sturdy PVC frame bars to keep your pet in which makes the seat sturdy and safe.

By fixing this in your car, you will be able to keep your little friend safe. Also, it allows you to drive without getting distracted by your pet’s movements.


Allison here from Pupfection! I was fostering homeless dogs for more than 2 years and currently traveling. And now here to share my tricks, tips, and reviews related to dogs and puppies on Pupfection.

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