Welcome to Pupfection! My names’s Allison Jane. Here to share my passion for helping you raise and train your dogs!

Have you ever wanted a dog but don’t know how to prepare for him? Maybe you don’t know how to train him and he keeps misbehaving? Or even starts acting aggressively!

Worry not!

Pupfection was created in mind to help people like you to overcome your problems.

We provide tips and tricks to help you understand and train your dog much better!

You might wonder why should I listen to this random woman from the Internet?

Well, I’ve been fostering dogs and puppies in the past for more than 2 years. So I know a lot about then and their behavior, especially since homeless dogs tend to have less human interactions or bad memories of them and won’t easily open up to us.

I’ve trained many dogs while fostering them and I can assure you that sometimes it is really frustrating and tiring.

But, that doesn't mean you should give up.

​This is what Pupfection is here for.

To help you.